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Conway Primary School



Key Stage Two Children at Conway Primary School will be learning Mandarin Chinese with Little Mandarin Classes (


Little Mandarin Classes teaches Mandarin on the Curriculum through Story-telling, Role-play and British Sign Language. Children, staff and parents receive access to online learning resources including activity sheets, songs, lyrics and vocabulary videos.


All of Little Mandarin Classes involve speaking, listening, reading, writing and roleplay – a new kinaesthetic way of learning and adopting the pronunciation, tones and vocabulary.


Below is a list of topics Children will be learning each term:


Autumn Term 2020

At the start of the term Children get an introduction to China, the Chinese language and culture. They will learn how to say greetings (hello, how are you, thank you, goodbye), introductions (what’s your name?, my name is, how old are you, I am eight years old, numbers), family members (immediate family members including older and younger siblings) as well as emotions (happy, unhappy, angry, scared). Games are thrown in to make the class extra fun and to allow children to utilise their Mandarin. Each class is filled with fun stories, role-playing amongst the Children and karaoke to end the class on a high!


Spring Term 2021

KS2 Children will pick up from last term and learn how to say vast number of colours in Mandarin, they will also learn how to say different fruits and associating the colours to each fruit. Moving on to hot and cold food and drinks including describing whether it’s tasty or not, asking questions like what are you eating?, what are you drinking?, I want to drink and do you want to drink. We also deliver a Chinese New Year Class Plan to teach Children about the 12 Zodiac animals, the history behind the celebration, how the lion dance came about, superstitions around this celebration and the different types of food and drink. Each class is filled with fun stories, role-playing amongst the Children and karaoke to end the class on a high!


Summer Term 2021

Children explore body parts and clothing including the head shoulders knees and toes song in Mandarin. Children learn how to describe their School Uniform as well as ask ‘what are you wearing?’ And respond in Mandarin with ‘I am wearing…’ We then move onto locations such as going to School, to the park, going home, asking where are you going? And identifying how to say teacher, student and stationary in Mandarin. Children also learn how to say Maths, English and Chinese Classes in Mandarin. The Summer term ends with learning about the days of the week and how to say this in Mandarin Chinese. Each class is filled with fun stories, role-playing amongst the Children and karaoke to end the class on a high!



Class Plan

Little Mandarin Classes delivers a comprehensive teaching plan that covers story-telling, roleplay, reading, writing, speaking, games and songs – a fun and engaging way for Children to learn Mandarin Chinese



Activity Sheets

We encourage Children to learn the stroke order of writing the Chinese characters. Children learn the simplified characters as this is predominantly used in Modern China.



Vocabulary Videos


We have hundreds of vocabulary videos on our online learning resources, here are a few:

  1. I am going to School -
  2. Chinese Class -
  3. I want to drink -
  4. Do you know how to use Chopsticks -
  5. Numbers 0 – 10 -
  6. Too expensive -

If your Child is currently learning Mandarin at Conway Primary School, please get in contact to receive access to the online learning resources so you and your Children can practice at home. Please email your Child’s name and year group to: