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Conway Primary School

Year 1

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Autumn Term 


This term our core texts were Cave Baby by Juila Donaldson and Naughty Bus by Jan Oke. We really enjoyed both stories-especially the parts where the characters go into trouble!

We used our texts to help us develop our writing, building on what we had learnt in reception. We learnt more about what makes a good sentence, including clear spaces, full stops and capital letters. We learnt about different word types such as adjectives and tried hard to include these in our description of the different characters.

We completed many longer pieces of independent writing. We planned and wrote our own stories to tell the story of what the Naughty Bus did at nighttime as well as a non-chronological report about buses.

We have also been trying hard to use our phonics more to help us spell and improve our handwriting. We have focused on forming our curly caterpillar and one-armed robot letters correctly.



In Maths, we learnt more about numbers up to 20. We built on our learning in reception to begin to think about the value of 2-digit numbers, beginning to use base 10 resources to show the value of each digit.  We learnt more about addition and subtraction, beginning to add and subtract 1-digit numbers from numbers up to 20.

In our mental starters we focused on building our metal fluency in addition and subtraction sing numbers up to 10. We learnt to count in steps of 5 and revisited counting in steps of 2 and 10 from reception.

We learnt more about 2D and 3D shapes, naming them and sorting them by their properties. We learnt to recognise the different coins we use and began to think about the value of each coin, ordering them in order of their value.



This term our focus has been on learning about Animals including Humans. We built on our previous learning about the parts of our bodies from reception. We then thought about how some parts of our body help us to explore the world around us- these are our senses. We took part in many experiments to test our senses. After half-term, we moved on to learn about different types of animals. We learnt that animals can be grouped into mammals, amphibians, birds and reptiles. We used our observation and questioning skills to group different animals, identifying similar features within each group.


Art and Design Technology


Our art topic this term was ‘Portraits’. We learnt the difference between a portrait and a self-portrait. We used our drawing skills to draw a portrait of our friends as well as self-portrait. We also learnt how to use colour to show emotions-red can show that you are angry and blue that you are sad. We used this to create a self-portrait showing our feelings.

We looked at the portraits and self-portraits of different artists such as Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol and Paul Klee. We really enjoyed trying to use their techniques in our own work.


This term our focus was on exploring mechanisms. Using traditional stories as our starting point we designed and made our own moving picture with different levers. We started by trying out and evaluating books that have moving pictures. We then learnt how to make a simple slider, simple lever and simple wheel mechanism. We then designed our own picture using these. At the end of our unit we evaluated our pictures, thinking about how successful our moving parts were.



In RE in Autumn 1 we learnt about what it means to belong to a family or a group such as our class and school. We made our own class ‘family’ tree. We learnt that there are different religions that people can belong to and about the ways people can show that they belong to them, such through what they wear and celebrations they take part in. In Autumn 2 we learnt about Christianity. We learnt about what Christians believe and why Christmas is important to Christians.



This term in topic, we learnt about changes in living memory. We learnt about many changes to our everyday lives as well as some changes that were national.


  • The first man in space and the moon landing.

We learnt about Yuri Gagarin’s trip into space in 1961 and Neil Armstrong’s moon landing. We really enjoyed seeing what the space shuttles looked like and how different they look from the space shuttles and space stations used today.

  • The invention of the first car by Karl Benz.

We looked at how cars have changed over time from this first car and made an information book together about the different types of cars.

  • How jobs in the home have changed over time.

We learnt in the past people had to do the washing by hand using a dolly and mangle. It looked like a lot of hard work, and we were very glad that we have washing machines to do all the hard work today!

  • The changes in the types of clothes we wear

We looked at photos of people form the past and created a timeline showing the changes in fashion up to today.



This term in computing learnt to use a simple word processor as well as how to keep safe online. We learnt to find and use the shift, space bar and enter buttons on a keyboard. We also learnt how to use the mouse to move the cursor. We were able to type a short sentence using both hands and make choices about the font we used.  During our online safety unit, we learnt more about what our personal information is and what is safe or not safe to share.


Spring Term

In the Spring term our theme will be ‘Resilience and working together’. In English, we will be using Beegu and The Odd Egg to help us write letters and stories. We shall continue to focus on improving our spelling, spelling more words correctly, and extending our sentences with conjunctions and noun phrases. In topic, we will be learning all about the Great Fire of London. This will include an exciting topic day when we will learn all about life in a bakery in 1666 – we will even make our bread! Our Science topic on everyday materials will help us to understand that materials have different properties. We will use this to conduct investigations into waterproof and non-waterproof materials as well as exploring water as a material. We will use our knowledge of materials in our DT project, designing and making fabric bunting. In art, we will continue to build on our knowledge of colour, learning to name primary, secondary and tertiary colours as well as looking at how different artists have used colours in their art work. We will continue to build on our geographical skills by learning more about our local area. We will use what we know about maps to draw our own maps of our local area. In DT, we will learn to join materials together using running stitch, creating our own class bunting. In RE, we will learn about Islam and build on our understanding of Christianity.