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Conway Primary School

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you accept Credit/Debit Card payments?

The school office has a chip and pin machine which includes the facility to pay via contactless. 

How much is School Dinner?

A freshly prepared (on-site) school dinner costs £2.60 per day

I am thinking of sending my child to Conway Primary School can I arrange a viewing of the school?

Yes - just call the school office (020 8854 0897) and arrange a visit.

How do you settle children if they get lost or seem unhappy? 

Our staff are trained to be very supportive and calm when dealing with children who do not settle easily. Sometimes we adapt what they do at the start of the day to help transition into the classroom. On occasions, a reduced timetable for a short time can be considered. We are pleased to say that overall children settle extremely well with us, often surprising their parents!

How do you support more (or less) able children

This would all depend on the ability of the child. The best place to find out about our support for children who are less able or have additional needs is within our SEN section on this website available Here.  All lessons are differentiated for differing abilities and learning styles. Children are also streamed for core subjects in applicable years, so that the more able children are able to progress at their own rate and the less able children can be taught at the pace that suits them.

Can I request Paper Copies of any information contained on the website?

Yes - Please request from the school office - Copies will be provided free of charge