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Conway Primary School

Topic Days


World Science Day 2021

This year Conway’s world science day focused on practical activities and experiments allowing the children to develop their enquiry skills and strengthen working scientifically.

Linking with their topic theme on Celebrations, Nursery explored paper firework experiments. They made paper stars out of filter paper and saw it unfold in black coloured water. The children developed their understanding of cause and effect discussing why the stars opened up when placed in the water and describing the effect of using different colour felt tips to decorate the stars.

Reception worked on life-size outline drawing of their body and discussed similarities and differences between themselves and their partner. They developed their descriptive language and understanding of same and different.

Year 1 explored their sense of smell. They created an experiment to test if your sense of smell is affected by distance. They observed that the more drops of lavender they used allowed them to smell further away. They made links to animals who have amazing abilities to smell from a distance- sharks!


Year 2 learned about the work of Rachel Carlson and how her research changed our understanding of the effects pollution has on the ocean habitat. They carried out an experiment exploring water “pollution”

Year 3 investigated shadows and how they are formed. Through their investigation they drew the conclusion that the size of a shadow is affected by the distance of the object from the light source.

Year 4 explored changing states. They observed how a gas changes into a liquid through condensation of water on a glass jar full of ice and water.

Year 5 set out to investigate how different materials affect air resistance. They experimented with parachutes made from fabric, plastic, and paper. Y5 learned about the importance of taking repeated measurements of time to get more reliable results.

Year 6 studied the shapes of different bird beaks and learned about how adaptation of species helped them to survive. They carried out experiments to explore different types of “beaks” and how effective they were for picking different objects up.


Anti-bullying Week


This year anti-bullying week had the theme of ‘One Kind Word’ which helped our children share kind things they love about their peers.  We learned how to manage our feelings so that our behaviour wouldn’t harm others. 

Year 6 had an interesting discussion on how our behaviour can have a lasting effect on someone from saying something unkind or even using a tone of voice that could upset someone.  Sometimes, that mean comment can stay with that person for a long time and we realised that more than often the person acting this way doesn’t actually mean what they have said; they have said it out of frustration. 

There were insightful discussions throughout the school, from all ages about what we could do if we saw this behaviour.  4A even made a commitment to one another through a class pledge that they have hung in their classroom proudly and to remind themselves at all times.  Have a look!