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Conway Primary School


In this section you will find details of current vacancies within our governing body.

Dear Parent/Guardian


I am pleased to inform you that there is currently a parent governor vacancy to serve on the school’s governing body.  This is a fantastic opportunity for you to play an active role in the leadership of our school and ensure that all our pupils, including your own, receive the best possible education during their time at Conway.  You do not need to have an educational background, in fact it often helps if you don’t because you’re then able to bring other knowledge and experience to the role.  Equally, you do not need any special qualifications, but there is a range of training opportunities available to help you to successfully perform the role.  Parent governors are elected by the other parents, and you will then play a vital role within our governing body and most importantly you will bring a unique parents’ view to our work and the school.  I am therefore very keen to encourage you to nominate yourself to fill this vacancy. 

Governors have a range of responsibilities, but we do not run the school day-to-day, this is the role of Yalini Carlsson-Ruban, our outstanding Head teacher and her equally outstanding staff.  Our role is instead to focus on the overall leadership of the school including its strategic direction, managing the budget and working with Yalini and her staff to hold the school to account for its performance.  This is a fascinating, enjoyable and rewarding role which will allow you to have a positive impact on the school.


On joining our governing body, you will serve for a four-year term.  While this is voluntary, there is a time commitment, and you will be expected to attend up to three meetings each term (usually in the evening).  You will also need to set aside a little time to prepare for meetings, to visit the school and undertake training.   Attached is some more background information about what being a governor at Conway is like.  You are also welcome to contact Yalini or Keith Robertson, the Business Manager (at the school) or myself (, and we will answer any questions that you have. 

If you would like to take the opportunity to put yourself forward as a candidate, please complete the attached form with the support of two other parents at the school, with whom you are not closely related and draft a brief personal statement (100 words maximum) about why you wish to become a governor of the school. 

The deadline for nominations is Friday 24th June. If there is more than one nomination, we will hold an election.  If this become necessary, Keith will contact you with details of the election procedures. 

Please see below attachments for further information and nomination/application form

Yours sincerely

Steve Piper

Chair of Governors