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Conway Primary School

Year 5

London Eye 

Year 5 visited the London eye as part of their English literature learning. They have been reading a suspense and mystery story called The London Eye mystery this term. The book itself gave them an initial description of the London Eye which allowed them to envision this amazing structure. Year 5 carried out their own research into the London Eye using iPad's and wrote persuasive leaflets to encourage their readers to visit the London Eye.

The trip itself was integral to their own understanding of the London Eye and provided them with insight and inspiration to complete our leaflets.

Additionally this term, they are using the novel and their own experience as a foundation to write mystery stories.

The children were able to experience a 4D cinema experience of the London Eye which was really enjoyable. It provided them with a deeper experience into learning all about the London Eye. They then rode on the London Eye and were able to view London from a spectacular distance.

Chislehurst caves

Year 5 visited Chislehurst Caves (which date from pre-Roman times) as part of their Topic lessons to deepen their understanding of the impacts of World War Two and the how people sought  shelter in caves.

We all were taken on an extravagant tour around several caves and learned so many interesting facts about those who lived there. For example, many years ago these caves were developed to shelter thousands from air raids. Facilities like for dining, sleeping, medical treatment were provided inside the caves. We were able to have a look at the toilet facilities too!

Inter-woven throughout the tour were stories of how the caves were used during the war times, which was truly fascinating to learn about! They housed up to 15,000 people in shelter during the war, which you can still see evidence of to this day by the markings on the wall for each 'pitch' where a family would sleep.