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Conway Primary School

Year 5

Coca Cola London Eye

On Monday 4th February year 5 had a very exciting opportunity to visit the Coca-Cola London eye.  We have been reading ‘The London Eye Mystery’ by Siobhan Dowd, where a young boy, Salim, goes missing after visiting the London eye with his cousins.  We spent the day in Salim, Ted and Kat’s shoes and explored first-hand what the characters in our story saw and felt.  It was a great learning experience for us but also a brilliant day out (even despite the weather)!


Chiselhurst Caves

This term we had the opportunity to visit ‘Chislehurst Caves’.  This was a super exciting trip and lots of children came back to school saying “it’s the best trip we’ve ever been on”!  They got to experience a real-life air raid shelter.  The guides took us down, class by class, to explore parts of the cave (we couldn't’t explore the whole thing as its 22 miles long)!  We learned about the people who used the cave when there was danger during World War One and Two.  Some people even lived in the caves as they sadly lost their homes.  The caves were like a village with everything you could want and more!  They had bunks, toilets, shops, cafes, a hospital, a stage, a barber, a post office and even a citizen’s advice bureau! The children enjoyed walking around and experiencing cave life.  The adults were given lanterns to light the way although this did not help greatly as it was incredibly dark.  They experienced what it would have been like when bombs were dropping.  All the lights went out, we were left in complete darkness (we couldn't’t even see our hands in front of our faces) and the guides created a sound that echoed throughout the area we were in.  You can imagine the screams from the girls…and boys!