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Conway Primary School

Year 3

Spring term



In English this term, our focus reading texts have been Clever Anansi and Boastful Bullfrog by H Patten and John Clementson and Gorilla by Anthony Browne. We have enjoyed these stories so much this term.  So much so that we even wrote our own version of Clever Anansi and Boastful Bullfrog.  Did you know that this story was a fable?  We loved learning about fables and the features they contain, such as most of the main characters are animals!  We also learned how to use different sentence openers to make our writing more exciting for the reader.  We used a lot of character description in our writing and for this we learned about synonyms.  Our vocabulary is expanding every day! As well, speech is a big part of fables, we consolidated our existing knowledge of how to write speech in stories and now most of Year 3 can use correctly punctuated speech in our writing!

During Spring 2 our writing topic was to write persuasively.  We linked this to our focus text, Gorilla by writing a persuasive letter to Mrs Carlsson-Ruban convincing her to let Year 3 go on a trip to Chessington to see the animals and learn more about them (we were all aware that this trip was fictional)!  Although that did not stop us writing the best persuasive letters we could!  We learned so many features during this topic we had to use an acronym to remember them – AFOREST (ask me what it means)! OK I’ll tell you; Alliteration, Facts, Opinions, Repetition, Emotive Language, Statistics and The Rule of Three.  Yes, we learned all these techniques and were able to use them in our writing!  We are so proud of ourselves. 



In Maths, we have learned how to interpret data from a graph.  We completed this using a range of graphs such as bar charts and pictograms.  We also completed 2 step word problems (which were tricky by the way)!  Some of us have begun learning the horizontal expanded method to add.  We learned this quickly and have become very good (our teachers are really, really proud of us)! We have also been learning our 8 times tables as well as consolidating our understanding of multiplications we already know.  We will continue to practice these and learn the inverse to each multiplication.

We further developed our understanding of shape by naming 2D and 3D shapes using common and mathematical names.  We described the properties of shape and have begun to understand that angles and lines are a property of 2D and 3D shape.   

We also learned to tell the time using Roman numerals.  We loved this and have been noticing roman numerals everywhere!

Also in Maths this term we further developed our understanding of fractions including equivalent fractions and adding fractions.



Year 3’s focus in Science this term has been plants. The depth of their learning included: identifying, by labelling, the main parts of a flowering plant (flowers, leaves, stem and roots) and describe their functions. They further developed their understanding by exploring the functions of the flowers in regards to the life cycle of a plant. By dissecting a flower, the children were able to make careful observations and identify through matching, the main parts of a flower and explain the function of each part. This scientific exploration has led to, children being able to identify and explain the key stages of the life cycle of a flowering plant. By doing so, they were also able to explain and apply relevant scientific language such as pollination, fertilisation and seed dispersal.


During this term Year 3 has been learning about the Romans. We started with the Roman invasions which developed a chronological secure knowledge and understanding of British and world history. We then moved on to the inventions of the Romans such as the Roman Roads. We have covered Boudicca’s rebellion which promoted well thought out questions from the children by learning about the resistance of Queen Boudicca and understanding different perspectives. We looked at a typical day in the life of a Roman soldier and wrote a letter in character to their loved one, discussing how they were building Hadrian’s Wall. We have also learnt about the Roman Gods and Goddesses and researched one in depth, and came up with our own God. Through learning about the Romans we have learnt skills such as questioning, constructing informed responses, researching and organisation of historical knowledge.‚Äč  As part of this topic we also go to go to the Greenwich Heritage Centre where we learned lots about objects and artefacts found from the Roman period, some were even found in Plumstead!  We had the opportunity to dress up as Roman characters and learned about the use of a range of Roman objects.



The focus in Art this term has been on mosaics, as we were learning about the Romans in Topic, it seemed rude not to.  We researched different mosaics and explored where they may have been found, what they looked like, the details in them and how they were made.  We then started small and created our own patterns using small squares.  Once we were confident with that we then drew out mosaic grids and created shapes and pictures using squares and colours (this is much harder than it sounds like)!  We even made sun-catcher mosaics and displayed them in our Art classroom.

In Design Technology this term we learned how to make a kite.  At first, we all thought we knew how they stayed in the sky, the wind right?!  Oh no, there are many different parts of a kite and each one has a specific role to play in the flight of a kite (ask us so we can show off what we know).  So, we learned about the different parts and then used this to design our own and really thought about what resources we would need to use.  We then made our kites using our designs and even took them to the playground to test them. 



In computing this term, we made a digital poster.  We linked these to topics in other areas of the curriculum we have learned about such as; Romans, Diwali, forces and magnets and mosaics.  We used iPads to research our ideas and make notes like real researchers.  We then planned it out and used an app on the iPads to create the poster.  For this we had to develop our typing skills and learnt to ‘screenshot’ and save images from the internet and then insert them onto our posters.



This term in PE the children worked on balancing. They learnt how to balance on different parts of their bodies. This helps build muscle and improve core strength as we are putting all the body weight on a singular part of the body.

We moved on to balancing object’s on our body whilst in a unconventional position, e.g. balancing on one hand and leg with a cone on our back. This improve their stability as they not only have to balance, but also have to try and keep an object from fall off by being as still as possible.

We ended the term learning walk on small benches and thin white lines. Giving them challenges to find different ways to keep their body upright and on wobbling, such as putting your arms out to keep balanced.

As well in PE we are now going swimming!!! We were so excited to start this and have loved every second so far.  Some of us are really good and Mrs Brown, our swimming teacher, was really impressed.  We were like little fishes!  We are getting better and braver each session.  Most of us can put our faces under water now (this scared us at first).  We look forward to continuing this next term.




This term in RE we have been learning about Hinduism.  We have looked at the similarities and differences between Hinduism and other religions.  We learned what festivals Hindus celebrate with a focus on Diwali.  During this learning we looked at the story of Rama and Sita and what traditions Hindu’s have when celebrating Diwali.  We even made our own toran designs for a Diwali celebration!  We then moved onto learning and understanding the importance of a Mandir (did you know this is a Hindu temple?) We discussed what they have to wear, what rules they have to follow and what routine they have when visiting this place of worship.  We also researched what they look like inside and out and we all thought they were beautiful.  We even created an advert to encourage people to go and visit a Mandir!


During the spring term in music we have been consolidating our understanding for rhythm and singing.  We have been tapping out the syllables in our names with a range of instruments, playing instruments to a beat and playing ‘follow me back’.  We have become very good at this and are slowly becoming musicians.  We also have learned a variety of songs where we had to learn the lyrics and sing along in tune as a whole class (this is harder than it sounds)!

Now we are learning to play the recorder and the violin.  We have been taking it in turns to learn each instrument so we all have the opportunity to learn each one.  Our teachers have been very impressed with us so far!


Next term (Summer)

This term in English we will be learning the features of a traditional fairy tale, how to write an explanation and research a range of poets.  We are very excited to put our skills to the test and develop on these further!

We will continue to further develop our knowledge of place value, gain a greater understanding of measures including mass and capacity and consolidate our understanding of using mental and written strategies in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  We will also be consolidating our knowledge of the 4 and 8 times tales and we will learn the 3 times tables.

During the summer term Year 3 will be learning about ‘Counties and Cities in the UK’ in Topic and then looking into ‘Life in India’ as a comparison.  For this they will be learning about the local area and how it compares with others around the country.  During Art we will be learning about British Art to link with our topic.  Then we will move onto learning how to make battery operated lights in Design Technology.

Next term we will continue, on a Thursday, to learn how to swim as part of PE and how to play the violin and recorders as part of Music. 


If you would like to have a look at the national curriculum website please click here