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Conway Primary School

Year 3




The focus text for year 3 this term is The Pebble in my Pocket  by Meredith Hooper and Chris Coady. The story is about the history of our Earth. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning interesting facts about rocks and volcanoes.  The context of the story links with our writing focus of a non-chronological report.  The learning outcome is for children to apply the relevant features and skills to independently write their own version of non-chronological report using the text map below.



In Maths this term children are learning about multiplication and division.  This includes applying their knowledge of recalling their timetables, using known facts and checking their answers using inverse operation. The children were taught formal written methods of multiplication and division, involving multiplying numbers with up to 2/3 digits by 1. They are learning to apply these calculation strategies in solving multi-step worded problems by using the RUCSAC method. 



Our Science topic in the Autumn term is Animals Including Humans. The children learnt about the following: identifying different food groups, understanding the importance of a balanced diet, the functions of the skeleton and researching how the skeletal muscles work in our bodies. Recently the children carried out an investigation on the impact of different exercises on our heart rates. 

The investigation below shows the heart beats per minute for different activities.



This term we continue with our topic Stone Age to the Iron Age. Children have been learning about prehistoric people in the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. They have been taught why each period has the given name for example Stone Age where all things were made of stone, Bronze Age the discovery of bronze to use for tools as weapons and the Iron Age is for the discovery of iron for making powerful weapons.



Art this term links with our Iron Age topic, with focus on drawing and designing artefacts used in the Iron Age. This includes Celtic cross, Celtic torc and Ceramic coil pot. Children will investigate the importance of artefacts for the people of the Iron Age. 



In P.E the children have been learning the skill of jumping and landing on one and two feet. They are now developing the skill of balancing to agility and in various directions.



The religion that children are learning about this term is Christianity. They will develop their understanding of Christianity and the significance of Christmas to Christians.



Children are developing an interactive game using Scratch software on iPads.  They are creating a design, using story boards to represent their own simple computer game.  They have also learnt about fixing bugs.


Summer Term

In Topic we will be exploring the rainforests of the world. R.E work will see us we learning about Budhism. Swimming sessions at the local Thamesmead pool will be starting. Computing work will take us into learning about how we communicate with each other through technology. Our work in English will be focusing on Traditional Tales through studying the book The Girl Who Spun Gold. We will also be learning about explanation texts. Mathematics work will see us continuing our work on multiplication and division facts, understanding of shape including sorting and developing our addition and subtraction through working with measures.     


If you would like to have a look at the national curriculum website please click here