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Conway Primary School

Year 3

Greenwich Book Festival

Recently, Year 3 took part in Greenwich book festival.  The children had the opportunity to go and meet authors, illustrators and professional story tellers.  Each and every single child thoroughly enjoyed the whole day and was really engaged with the activities that the festival had to offer.  The first workshop of the day was with an author named Sylvia Bishop who wrote the books ‘Erica’s Elephant’, ‘The Secret of the Night Train’ and ‘The Bookshop Girl’.  She talked about her writing process which the children really related to as sometimes they can struggles for ideas.  It was so lovely for the children to hear about the obstacles that Sylvia faces when writing and how she overcomes these.  She played some games with the children that helps her such as a word association game and ‘what’s not true’ where she gave the children a basic plot of a story and then took one of them away and opened a discussion on how that would create drama in a story.  At the end of the session the children had the chance to go and get Sylvia’s autograph which the children were overjoyed with!


The second workshop of the day was an illustration class with the very talented Gary Northfeild.  He has illustrated lots of famous front cvers for some very popular comics such as ‘Beano’, The Dandy’ and ‘Horrible History’ to name a few.  He has also written and illustrated his own books ‘Julius Zebra’.  Miss Barham even bought a copy and got him to sign it for the school.  During this workshop Gary talked about his career and how he became an illustrator.  He then worked with the children and got them to become illustrators which was fantastic!  The work that the children produced was incredible.  After the session he opened up and question and answer session and the children were really impressive with the questions they were asking him, even Gary was impressed with Conway!  They too had the opportunity to get his autograph afterwards

The third workshop was by a professional story teller, Wendy Shearer.  She told a tale of clever Anansi, which year 3 knew all about as we studied this during our traditional tales topic.   She taught the children how to tell stories and when she was telling her tale the children were so engrossed you could hear a pin drop.  They all commented that this was one of the favourite things about the day.  It really encouraged them to think about their stories and how they read and tell them.  She even called some of the children up to take part in the story and of course, Remi and Alessia could not resist!

The children were really inspired after the festival and were so excited to go home and back to school to start their own stories and illustrations!

Greenwich Heritage Centre

This term Year 3 have been learning all about the Romans.  As part of this topic we were lucky enough to go on an educational visit to the Greenwich Heritage centre to learn more about the Romans, the time period and some of the everyday objects they used. 


The children enjoyed a ‘guess who it was’ mystery presentation.  They were shown lots of artefacts that were found in and around the Plumstead area and discussed what each objects were used for and where it was found.  The children had to remember all the items and then guess where and who they may have belonged to.  They figured out in the end that they may have belonged to someone rich or important! 

We then had the opportunity to continue our learning through a range of games.  These included; dressing up as Roman people, playing eye spy with Roman objects on the Roman embroidery and a guess what it is with Roman objects. 

The children thoroughly enjoyed their day and came back to school buzzing at what they had found out about the Romans!