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Conway Primary School

Year 1


Our Local Area

The year 1 children went on a walk around their local area of Plumstead. They went on this trip because the ‘local area’ is the focus in topic sessions this term. During topic this term the children are exploring the past and present investigating how things have changed for example buildings, transport and local facilities. During this trip the children had a look at the buildings, cars and local facilities and the designs in the high street and discussed and noted down on clip boards the similarities and differences of the past and present.  Once the children returned to school they designed their very own past or present, mode of transport using junk modelling. The children thoroughly enjoyed the trip and were very excited to create their own pieces of junk modelling.



Wide Horizons Environment Centre


In Year 1, we are learning about living things and their habitats. To aid the children's learning we are visiting the Wide Horizons Environment Centre. 

At the centre the children will experience a range of exciting hands-on habitat activities linked to what they have been studying this term. They will discover first-hand a variety of natural habitats at the centre including woodland, ponds and gardens. All the activities offer children the opportunity to see organisms and life processes in action, and provide memorable and fun learning experiences.