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Conway Primary School

Year 1


Our Local Area

During the Autumn Term Year 1 went on a short excursion around the local area. The purpose of this trip was to look at the area we live in and see every day in more detail. We focussed on the architecture of buildings, old and new and how different they are. We looked in detail at buildings such as the Church, Fire station and the bank, talking about windows and bricks and shapes of the buildings. We then looked at how different the houses are that were built before and after the war. We also talked about the growing population of the area and how housing has had to change to accommodate this.

The children are now more aware of different styles of architecture and ways to identify the age of a building. This trip links nicely to our next topic of The Great Fire of London as we will be looking at how the structure of the houses contributed to the spread of the fire.



Wide Horizons Environment Centre


In Year 1, we are learning about living things and their habitats. To aid the children's learning we are visiting the Wide Horizons Environment Centre. 

At the centre the children will experience a range of exciting hands-on habitat activities linked to what they have been studying this term. They will discover first-hand a variety of natural habitats at the centre including woodland, ponds and gardens. All the activities offer children the opportunity to see organisms and life processes in action, and provide memorable and fun learning experiences.