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Conway Primary School



Woodlands Farm

This term the children went on a trip to Woodland farm as our topic is the ‘farm’, we wanted to give the children an opportunity to see different farm animals and their young.  The children were also able to see ‘farm life’ and what the farmers do, the equipment they use and various different foods they give to the animals. The children stroked and held a chicken and guinea pig, which they all thoroughly enjoyed.

During the afternoon session at the farm the children walked to the forest on the way the children were given a check list of different things they had to find on their walk. When they arrived at the forest Hannah the leader read the children the story ‘where the wild things are’ and the children pretended to be ‘Max’ and the Monsters. They then collected different natural materials which they took back to the classroom and made monster masks.

The children had a fun filled day at Woodlands Farm and when they returned were full of excitement of what they had seen and done, we have linked this experience to many of our writing focuses as they children were able to recall clearly what they had done and saw. We have described different animals that they had seen as well as writing about their favourite animal and what they did at the farm.



Reception visitors and visit to the Fire station

As our topic this term is people who help us reception have visited the fire station and have also been visited by the local community police officer PC Paul Shaw and lollipop lady Joyce. The children thoroughly enjoyed their trip to the fire station, they all were able to sit in the fire engine and wear a fire fighter helmet. The children also got the opportunity to squirt the water hose which they all loved!

The children also were visited by PC Paul Shaw and his colleague Georgia; they talked to the children about how they keep our community safe and how we need to abide by the government rules. The children were able to try on the police officers uniform and find out and see the different equipment that they use.

Lastly we were visited by our local lollipop lady Joyce. Joyce told the children about how she helps people to cross the road carefully, as well as teaching us how to cross the road safely when we are on our own. Joyce showed us different places in the road that are safe; including zebra and pelican crossings and how we use them correctly. We all able to hold her lollipop stick and try on some of the uniform