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Conway Primary School

Suppport and Assitance

On this page you will find information, documents and signposting to support  your family and SEN child/ren


Royal Borough of Greenwich Local Offer website

This website provides a list of services and offers available to members of the Royal Borough of Greenwich, including newsletters and updates on local/seasonal activities.


Children and Young people and Autism: A video series for families

This resource might be helpful for the parents of children who are awaiting a diagnosis since the waiting list for the IND-ASD team is 18-24 months. The videos were specifically curated to help parents and young people gain insight into ASD and what they can do to support a Child or Young person who has ASD or is likely to be diagnosed with ASD.


Information about EHCP process

This might be a very good page for parents who are interested in the EHCP process or wish to submit their own.


List of things to do in the Borough of Greenwich

There is a lot of parents who struggle to access their local community due to the intensity of their children's needs. This link has a list of activities catered to SEN children, I think this would be helpful to support the children with extracurricular interests as well as supporting parents to interact in their community and connect with other parent/carers of SEN children. There are also Short breaks available to children with an EHCP.


Care and Support services

There has been a number of parents who have contacted the SEN team here to ask about help with social services and housing. This link will provide them with some information on the process and who they need to contact.


SENDIASS service - Special education needs and disability information advice and support service

SENDIASS provides a free all year-round service on the full range of education, health and social care issues as defined in the 2015 Special Educational needs Code of Practice and the National IASP set of Quality Standards.

Their goal is to provide a high quality, bespoke, impartial and confidential service to ensure that our service users are at the heart of decision-making processes and are fully informed of their options and rights that affect their lives.

This website will be helpful for providing parents with central service that will answer all their question surrounding SEN.


SENDIASS Address: The Woolwich Centre, 35 Wellington Street, SE18 6HQ 

Telephone: 0208 921 8402 (On the leaflet)