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Conway Primary School

The School Day

Foundation Stage:

Morning Nursery children arrive at 8.45.

Morning Nursery children are collected at 11.45.

Afternoon Nursery children arrive at 12.15.

Afternoon Nursery children are collected at 3.15.

All Nursery children to arrive and be collected through the Nursery entrance located on Bebbington Road.

Reception children line up in the playground outside their classroom at 8.45, ready for the bell to ring at 8.50.


Key Stage One:

Years 1 and 2 line up in the playground at their class’s area at 8.45 ready for the bell to ring at 8.50.

Lunch time for key stage 1 is 11.30 to 12.25.

Key stage 1 has an afternoon playtime at 1.30 to 1.50.

At 3.00, children in key stage 1 will be collected from the same place on the playground.

Fruit and milk for year 1 is 9.45 - 9.55.

Fruit and milk for year 2 is 9.50-10.00.



Key Stage Two:

Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 line up in the playground at their class’s area at 8.45 ready for the bell to ring at 8.50.

Lunch time for Year 3 - 5 is 11.45 to 12.30 for Year 6 it is 12.15-12.45.

Key stage 2 has a morning playtime at 10.30 to 10.45.

At 3.05, children in key stage 2 will be collected from the same place on the playground.

If your child needs to collect any item which they may have forgotten, such as their coat or lunch box etc., they may re-enter the building through door one. Door one is located to the far-right of the playground when entering though the main gate. 

Please note: members of staff stand on each door to ensure the safety and whereabouts of the children. Therefore, they will not allow anyone to re-enter the building unless they are with a member of staff. Please use door one to collect forgotten items or the main reception entrance to access the office.

All class areas will be marked on the playground during the first week of the new school year. If you join part way through the year we will inform you where to go on your child’s first day of school.


Playground Code

During the autumn term we have worked had to develop behaviour and support at playtimes, this started with the development of a playground code. It was established by all parties, children and teachers, that everyone should have FUN and feel safe at playtimes!

Our new playground code, which is displayed in the playground, states:

We agree that we will –

  • Be kind and polite to all, look after lonely children.
  • Listen to adults and their instructions.
  • Play well (fairly, friendly, co-operatively) and safely together.
  • Take care of the playground equipment.
  • Stop playing when the whistle blows, and line up sensibly.


Conway Support Squad

As part of developing the behaviour and safety of pupils during lunchtimes we recruited and trained our Conway Support Squad. Pupils, in years 4 and 5, wishing to be squad members were required to apply in writing for the posts, demonstrating they possessed the advertised key qualities of:

  • The ability to communicate with others effectively
  • The ability to support  others
  • The ability to manage their own behaviour
  • The ability to keep calm when others are not

Once children were selected they were trained in restorative justice and supported in during their initial weeks.  Conway support squad is now well established in the playground at lunchtime.  Through their commitment, Conway Support Squad enables children to support others in the playground with friendship problems and disagreements at lunchtime.  Conway Support Squad has become a well-respected and sought after role within our school community.