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Conway Primary School

Support Staff Reference Questionaire

Please note:
This reference should contain no material misstatement or omission. The content of the reference may be discussed with the candidate at interview. We may contact you subsequently for clarification of any part of the reference.


5. With reference to the enclosed person specification, please comment on:
(a) Please list the items on the person spec for this particular job

Please tick the relevant statement (guidance below):*

Recommended without reservation

Recommended without reservation
• Proven track record for good leadership and management
• Has taken the school forward
• No doubt about the candidate's ability to respond to change in a new situation

Strongly recommend
• Notable achievements in leadership and management
• Has taken the school forward
• Some difficulty could have been experienced in current post but candidate has been perceptive enough to be self critical, analytical and working to improve
•Confident about candidate's adaptability and ability to respond to change in a new situation

•Proven, competent manager and leader
•Some evidence of achievement in the school but certainly no evidence of regression
•confident about the candidates ability to do a 'steady job'
•In the case of a deputy specifically:
•Confident that the deputy, who has not been given the opportunity to fully exercise leadership and management skills had demonstrated the potential to fulfil this role
• Confident that the deputy a (a) particular shortcoming(s) has an appropriate weighting of other competencies

Recommendation with some reservations
• Competence, to undertake the role exists, but a programme of support/development should be in place for the applicant to succeed in the post

Cannot be recommended
• There is some level of competence but a significant number of shortcomings
• Proven record of sustained under achievement and a significant lack of confidence