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Conway Primary School

Year 1

Autumn Term 


In English this term, our focus reading text has been Mrs Wishy Washy, Farmer duck and Bear hunt. These books are fascinating since they help us to start understanding sequences and relate events to real life experiences. We explored the features of narrative texts and non-chronological reports then used aspects of the text to write our own reports. This included researching information and writing about ducks.


In Maths, we continued practising place value and number. We have been counting and find one more and one less than of any given numbers. We enjoyed this type of oral counting especially since it helped to improve our ability to recall and recognise numbers. We further developed our understanding of numbers by adding and subtracting by using number lines and 100 square grids. We have also looked at different coins and recognising their values, to further this, we have made different combinations to make an amount. Finally this term we looked at different 2D and 3D shapes identifying names and properties.  



In Science, we have been learning about our bodies and plants. We studied the human skeleton naming bones and the joints of our body. This included learning how bones, muscles and joints work together to enable the body to create movements. When investigating different plants we looked at out and indoor plants naming them and describing the similarities and differences. We got the chance to plant our own seeds, in range of environments for example, some had no light, some had no soil and some had all the necessary ingredients such as soil, sun light and regular water. We watched them grow and noted down the results. We are going to be looking into the four season and the activity which takes place throughout the seasons next term.


In History this term we have been developing our understanding of past and present of our local community. We went on a school trip around our local area and had a look at some of the buildings discussing the similarities and differences which we could recognise from past pictures. In autumn 2 we looked at national events and celebrations. We researched and created a food parcel which might have been sent to soldiers in the WW1, this was in aid of Remembrance Day.



The focus in Art this term has been on portraits. We have been exploring the artist Picasso and Paul Klee. We observed a wide range of different pieces of work from the two artists and we were able to create portraits of ourselves and peers in our class. We used a range of primary and secondary colours and looked at what colours could be made if we mixed them.




Computing this term continues to better our understanding about the key features of a computer or tablet, such as keyboards, monitors and screens. We have also focused on exploring instructions and methods on how to make a jam sandwich. We then used a computer program and input our instructions. We have used a range of resources such as iPad and apps including Pic College and beat bots. We have also explored different types of celebrations and the process of making a card on an iPad.


During PE this term we have been exploring a range of skills including fine and gross motor. We have experimented and tested these skills with a range of activities such as obstacle courses, dribbling a ball with our hands and feet, also through throwing and catching.  Next term we shall be engaging in activities which will include enhancing our balance and agility.


During RE this term we have been focusing upon belonging and Christianity. We have explored many different types of belonging for example, belonging to a school, sporting group, faith and other communities. We have discussed Christianity and have focused on the story of Christmas. Other topics that we explored included: learning about the significance of harvest and the Bible. Next term we shall be looking into Islam.

Next term (Spring)

Our focus in Science next term shall be materials and we shall be exploring different materials and there properties. We shall be able to experiment with different materials and variables.

For text for Literacy will be looking at the story Beegu and Bob Man on the Moon. Through drama and other speaking and listening activities, we will explore the text and learn about space and the features of the moon. In Maths we will continue to develop our understanding of number, place value, Length and mass/weight, Multiplication, Division, Counting and money.


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