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Conway Primary School

Brake's Giant Walk

On Wednesday 10 June 2015 at 10am thousands of children celebrated the wonders of walking by taking part in Brake's Giant Walk from school gates across the UK. 

Conway Primary School celebrated this by walking from the school yard up to Winns Common and around it twice. The whole of KS2 joined in and marched with the colourful banners they had made.

This annual event was a fantastic way for kids to put their best feet forward for road safety: to say "yes!" to the health and planet-saving benefits of walking, and "no!" to fast driving that threatens children’s' safety.

The event was also a great opportunity to raise funds for Brake's work, stopping casualties and caring for the victims of road accidents. Brake works closely with communities to reduce the risk of accidents on the road and provides support to people who have been bereaved and injured in road accidents.

Conway Primary school managed to raise £420.26