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Conway Primary School

Table Tennis Fun

Table tennis fun


Earlier this month four children from Year 6 took part in Conway’s first Table Tennis tournament! Read on to find out what we got up to…




We had a blast at the table tennis tournament! First, we got changed into our PE kits and travelled by bus to Alexander McLeod Primary School. We immediately started practising: we wanted to win.


We were told who our opponents would be and started playing. Some of us already knew the game but some of us found it tricky. We lost the first round but our skills improved and we won the second round. Overall we came in fifth position. Conway’s best player was Igdaliah but we all played well.


Well done to Alexander McLeod who won and got a trophy and a gold medal. Even though we did not get a trophy, we still had lots of fun.


Table tennis is so much fun and we can’t wait to play again!


Falak and Rita, Year 6‚Äč