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Conway Primary School

Rising Stars


Spring term

Prime Area

This term we have been focusing on the following areas of development;

PSE Development

Throughout the term we have focused on how we build relationships between peers and adults. The children are beginning to be interested in others play and starting to join in.  The children are becoming more confident and are beginning to express own interests and preferences. They can choose activities from the trays and have an understanding where things are and where to put things back at tidy up time.


The children are encouraged to use Makaton signs for ‘stop’ and ‘kind hands’ to manage to support appropriate boundaries.

Physical development

Throughout the term we have focused on making connections between their movements and the marks they make. The children took part in malleable play and experienced different textures and techniques. These tactile activities strengthen finger and hand muscles.


Health and self-care

Children are encouraged to be independent and make their own choices at snack time. Our snack bar is a learning time for children to find their own snack name card. They are encouraged to listen, follow simple instructions, make choices, serve themselves and show good sitting whilst eating and drinking. They are learning names of fruits and snacks and snack items. They use Makaton signs for ‘more’ and ‘finish’.

They can find their snack name card and make choices and feed themselves with a spoon.

Communication & Language

Throughout the term we have focussed on number nursery rhymes and children are using actions and vocalisation. They can sit for a short period and listen to short stories. The children are following simple instructions. They are encouraged to use their voice and imitate the adult. We model words and actions. Makaton signs and symbols are used to support language development.

Focus books: Goldilocks and the three bears and Titch.

Focus nursery rhymes/songs: Five little ducks and five little Monkeys jumping on the bed.



During spring term 1 we looked at the topic, ‘Fine Motor skills’.

Fine motor skills are coordination of small muscle movements which occur in fingers, usually in coordination with the eyes. The children took part in various activities e.g. pasta play dough towers, threading beads and threading pipe cleaners in colanders. These activities help develop fine motor skills which will aid mark making and working towards pre-writing skills.

Spring term 2

During spring term 2 we looked at the topic, ‘Big and little’.

The children enjoyed the bear’s cottage role play area. They used some keywords to Goldilocks and the three bear’s story and language of size.


In Maths we have been learning ‘Big and little’. The children have been learning the language of size. We have used various everyday objects that are big and little. The children are learning key words ‘big’ ‘little’ ‘small’ ‘tiny’.  They’re beginning to sort big objects and small objects and using actions for big and little.  They particularly enjoyed learning in our ‘Bears cottage’ role play area and enjoyed looking and using different sized bowls, chairs and bears.

Outdoor Learning Area

The children have continued to enjoy our outdoor area.

The children are particularly like the sand kitchen.  They enjoy filling and emptying pots. The children are becoming more confident on obstacle course and staff support challenges that may occur.  They also like to jump in the hoops and name the colour of the hoop or use number names as they jump. The children have been identifying and naming colours and using number language in our outdoor provision.


Next Term (Summer)

Next term, we are looking forward to our topic of ‘planting and growing‘, and ‘Healthy eating and hygiene’; we will be focusing on growing cress seeds and beans. Our focus books will be Jack and the beanstalk and Jaspers beanstalk. Our focus nursery rhyme/songs will be ‘This is the way we wash our hands and brush our teeth ‘etc.



Autumn Term 

Autumn 1

Prime Areas

The focus for autumn 1 was on the following areas of development;

  • PSE development – Making relationships, Self-confidence & awareness,
  • Physical development – Moving and Handling, Health and self-care,
  • Communication & Language – Listening and Attention, Speaking, Understanding.

Understanding the World

Our topic during autumn 1 was Ourselves. To support with settling the children we had family photographs displayed on the board and we read the story Owl Babies, linking to what their family help them to do.

The topic enabled them to cover some areas of Understanding the World.

  • Understanding the World – People and communities.

The children took part in looking at their face and naming facial features. We used mirrors to look at our face. The children can identify their facial features by either pointing, touching or using words. We took part in singing rhymes to do with the face and body; Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes was a favourite of the children. Also, Daddy finger, Daddy finger, where are you?

Our other book focus was The Funny face book. This enabled some children to show emotions, making a happy face, a sad face and a grumpy face. The children took part in finger and hand painting.

Autumn 2

The focus for autumn 2 was on the following areas of development;

  • Mathematic – Number
  • Expressive arts and design – Media and Materials
  • Communication and language – Listening and attention

This term children took part in World Nursery Rhyme Week, which linked perfectly with our topic all about nursery rhymes. The children have been learning actions to go along with rhymes and some of these even linked to numbers and counting. The children enjoyed singing and dressing up.  They are using musical instruments in our outdoor area.  They are beginning to use number language and using fingers to represents numbers in rhymes and songs and counting in number rhymes.