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Conway Primary School


Autumn Term 


During the autumn term we have been learning about different people who help us in our community.


Each week in literacy we have been discussing the different jobs that people do and how they help us. We have looked closely at the different equipment they use and where we might find them in our local area.

We have also been learning how to structure a sentence correctly; learning how to apply our phonic knowledge in our writing, using a sound mat to ensure we are forming the sound correctly. We have also been working hard to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.


In Maths we have continued to develop our understanding of addition and subtraction, recognising numbers, combining groups, and finding one more and one less. We continue to extend our learning by reading and writing number sentences and used the number line to support us when solving addition and subtraction problems.

During our Maths sessions, the children have access to different mathematical activities, enabling them to re-visit and practise their previous learning. For example, children may practise recognising numbers, forming numbers ordering numbers, counting out the correct amount of objects and match it to the corresponding numeral.


Within space shape and measure we have been focusing on 2D shapes and their properties. We have looked closely at their differences and similarities. 


Our topic this term is ‘People who help us’ each week the children have been discussing and making different people in the community who help them. We have also been to visit the local fire station where the children we able to meet fire fighters and sit in a fire engine and use the water hose.  The children have also had visits from our community police officer and talked to the librarian.

This term we have also celebrated and remembered many special events including Diwali, Remembrance Day and Anti-Bullying.

Outdoor Learning Area

We have continued to enjoy our outdoor area. They have shown great interest in the forest school, particularly the mud kitchen. The children have been very keen to use whatever they can find to make a ‘mud cake’. They also enjoy the physical activities on offer such as practising their ball skills, jumping and skipping.

As our topic this term is people who help us – our small world scenes have also been very popular.  The children have been role playing different occupations and applying what they have learnt in their play. 


Next Term (Spring)

Next term we are looking forward to our new topic ‘Traditional Tales’. The children will be reading a new tale each week, and will have the opportunity to role play different story characters. We will begin to introduce the structure of a story as well as prediction.  ‘What might happen next’ and why? This topic will be supported greatly by our weekly trips to Plumstead library on a Thursday afternoon, which all the children thoroughly look forward to.



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