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Conway Primary School

Assessment at Conway

The Department for Education have made changes to assessment.  As such, children will not be assessed by National Curriculum levels but schools will assess if they meet the age related requirements for each year group .


At Conway years 1 – 6 will have a set of objectives that are the age related national expectations, which they need to achieve over the year. 


Children will be assessed, at half termly points in the academic year, on their depth of understanding of each of the yearly objectives in the following way:


  • Red – Not achieved and is working towards.
  • Orange – Beginning to achieve and showing signs of understanding.
  • Green – Achieved objective
  • Purple – Mastered the objective.


These assessments will identify specific areas that your child needs to further develop in order to achieve a thorough depth of understanding of all the yearly objectives.  Over the year, these assessments will contribute towards an end of year national standard.


The national standards at the end of the academic year will be reported on as follows -




Beginning of learning for year group. Majority of children will start here.


1st stage of working towards national standards


2nd stage of working towards national standards


3rd stage of working towards national standards


Working at National standards for their year group


Mastered the national standards for their year group. 


Exceeding national standards.


At each parent meeting we will share with parents a record sheet that shows their child’s development and depth of understanding at that point in the year.