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Conway Primary School


With the two elections taking place this term (the election of Mayor of London and London Assembly took place on 5th May and the EU referendum vote will be taking place on 23rd June), we took the opportunity to further promote the fundamental British values, notably; democracy, the rule of law and individual liberty within the classroom.


Here is an overview of the work completed across the school:


  • EYFS – completed discussions through group and circle times; they voted by show of hands for their preferred book, song and game. They also discussed how we have freedom to make our own choices by sharing their likes and dislikes with their peers. The children also discussed the school rules, identifying why having rules is important.  
  • Years one and two – explored the UK political system. They completed activities to identify David Cameron, Queen Elizabeth II and other members of the Royal family. They discussed the importance of having laws and how these are made. The children then completed a hierarchy to show how the main parties are linked such as the Government, Parliament, House of Commons and Houses of Lords.
  • Years three and four – completed a persuasive poster to encourage young people to vote. They raised points regarding the importance of making the most from the vote we are given and the freedom of choice which we have.
  • Years five and six – completed a debate to decide whether we should stay or leave the EU. They researched both viewpoints using various web sites on our iPads, then the children planned and carried out their debate.