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Conway Primary School

Mind Momentum

Mind Momentum  (MM) is a Conway programme  to develop key emotional management and intelligence skills.  For many years we have taught children how to look after the health of our bodies. In the same way we're introducing a new strand that is teaching our children how to look after our minds.  In the current landscape where issues around wellbeing and health are so prevalent, it is essential we lay the foundations in the primary years, so our children learn the skills they will need for their own wellbeing and how management of their mind health.

The main themes are around -

  • Self awareness
  • Developing emotional Language
  • Self-care and acceptance
  • Developing resilience
  • Empathy, communication and relationships

MM is designed to develop and support our whole school culture and train us to teach children these essential life skills.

Within this section you can find resources and examples for you to work with your child.