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Conway Primary School


Please see attachments below for KS1 and KS2 Writing Competitions - We look forward to reading your work

Key Stage One Winners:

A haunted house sitting in middle of the forest, the moon shining bright behind from the house. Broken windows and lights from some room can be seen from the outside. The field outside the house was dry and cracked. The roof was falling apart.

Inside the haunted house lived an old witch with her black cat. A little boy tiptoed up to the house with his friends, they wanted to see who lived inside this old broken and derelict building. Suddenly the cat jumped out of the window, the boy got so scared he screamed and hid behind a bush and his friends ran away leaving the boy on his own.

The boy was so scared, he shudder as the night was so cold, he felt a cold sweat running down his face, he was starting to panic. Suddenly the door of the house opened and the witch came out looking for her cat. She started poking the bushes with her broom stick. As she was going around doing this, she hit the boy, he screamed so loud that is startled both the witch and the boy. He stood there frozen and avoiding eye contact with the witch.

The witch asked "What are you doing here in the forest at this time?" The boy replied " I uh i uh wanted to see who lived here" and suddenly turned and ran as fast as he could, straight home and into his bed. He woke the next morning and thought wow that was a bad dream.

Ronav, 2L


Mystery House

As the large glowing moon rises above the hill, a sinister house emerges from the thickening fog. It shimmers into existence though it's never been seen before...

I am rigid with fear, a chill running up and down my spine. Goosebumps emerging along my arms and all my hairs are rising. Birds leap from their trees with a racket of sound, circling over the pitched roof tops.

Gathering up all my courage I creep forward and reach out to open the cold iron gate. Glistening cobwebs shimmer in the moonlight. Slowly I push open the gate with shaking hands and I grit my teeth against the screech of the hinges that sound like a dentists' drill.

Suddenly a candle light appears in the attic window and a ghostly black shadow emerges staring down at me.

The fog starts to thicken, closing all around me, clinging to my clothes deep down to the marrow in my bones, as I slowly tiptoe forward the house starts to vanish never to be seen again...

Noah Zerouali-Amariy, 2B


Key stage Two winners:

I had been running for hours now. The bare branches spiked into the sky. No sign of life found in the utter blackness of night-time. I had never been afraid of the dark. This time, I shivered. A long, deep shiver. Suddenly, I felt cool droplets on my rosy red cheeks. Huge tears poured down, smacking the hard ground. Walking in silence, I curiously breathed in the misty, gas filled air. I could smell a dead animal's corpse that had been viciously dragged out the grey, mucky lake. The angry wind crowed at me, ferociously pecking my chestnut brown hair. My glittering emerald eyes shone in the moonlit night. I needed to find shelter! My worn out shoes squelched in the mud. Squelch, squelch, squelch! Soon, I arrived in front of the discreet, run down house. As fear rose up in me, I felt my spine tingle, like I had been electrified. It was as if the putrid trees were signalling me to leave?! I could hear terrifying, shrill screams. Blood... Blood was on a particular window. Its window stayed black, without the rippling effect of the light. Slowly, but steadily, I entered not knowing my luck would be running out...

Pradeepta, 5M


Dust lay over every surface like dirty snow- pristine dust layer, not a foot print anywhere. Dust bunnies the size of bowling balls tumbled across the floor boards toward unseen skittles. Free papers piled up to the letter box and cascaded all the way to the foot of the rough wooden stairs. Old tea cups lay on a coffee table thickly encrusted with dried up mould, dust covered mirrors, smell of mildew, stale air, air thick with dust, shafts of light bursting through gaps in the boarded up window. 

Light streaming through the gaps in the heavy velvet curtains, absolute silence, not even the hum of a refrigerator. The houses only occupants weaved their webs between the spindles of the stair banisters and from the ceiling to the wall, old cobwebs billowed in the draft.The edges of the broken glass were as the coastline of a small country, perhaps one long ago under the night sky, before the time of neon lights.

The glass itself was a grey-brown, inviting the mind to see the settled dust even at a distance. Around it was the brickwork, perfect beneath the dirt of years and rising upward to the sky and cloud. It must have been abandoned for some time, a building waiting for a reason to remain standing. The chalky paint fell in fragments leaving the splintered door a bare tarp. It whined on its amber hinges as my palm pressed gingerly against its moist frame. Ivy gnarled its way through broken windows, tangling its leathery shape throughout the wistful abode. The undefinable source of darkness draped over the walls like a tapestry as I took a wary step over the rotting oak floors.

Ben 6D

In a far land where nobody wanders, a big, shadowy structure stood. Cobwebs guard the door like a set of brave, loyal knights. The house appears haunted and frightening. Bats swoop above your head. The clock strikes midnight as the lanterns start to flicker and die. Alone, in a deserted dark ghost town! You start to hear footsteps…who can it be? Would you dare to open the creepy door? You start to panic and rush to open the ghastly door, which slowly creaks open! Inside, all you see are rats, cobwebs, spiders, and ahhhhhh! – dead crows! The stench strong enough to knock you out! Terrified, you climb the narrow stairs, ignoring the shrieks from thousands of rats. You are regretting entering this horrifying house. You climb the rusty ladder to the old attic as the front door of the house slams shut! In the scary and cold attic, you see a painting that looks exactly like the outside of the house with a child gazing out the window. You stare harder and quick like a flash you get sucked in to the artwork! The child inside the painting escapes, and you are the replacement! Trapped forever! AN UNFORTUNATE ENDING.

Bethany, 4S