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Conway Primary School

Year 5

Autumn Term



In Maths this term children are learning about fractions.  This includes applying their knowledge of factors and multiples to sequence, order and convert fractions to decimals as well as identifying equivalency in fractions. Once children mastered this they moved on to finding common denominators and simplifying after the calculation.

 Formal written methods of multiplication and division have been taught, involving multiplying numbers with up to 4 digits by 1 and 2 digit numbers.  They are learning to apply these calculation strategies in solving multi-step worded problems.  Within this context, children learn to solve problems involving time, money, capacity and volume.



The focus text for year 5 this term is Rose Blanche by Roberto Innocenti and Ian McEwan. The story is set in Germany during World War Two where young Rose Blanche discovers a concentration camp in which numerous children were detained. The context of the story links with our writing focus of newspaper reports.  The learning outcome is for children to apply the relevant features and skills to independently write their own version of this text type.


Our Science topic in the Autumn term is Forces. Pupils are exploring falling objects and raising questions about the impact of forces on objects include. These include forces that make things begin to move, get faster or slow down. The key focus of learning is for children to develop the understanding that forces operate in pairs, to use this knowledge to identify the two forces that are acting on an object and to categorise these forces as balanced or unbalanced. Pupils will find out how scientists, for example Isaac Newton helped to develop the theory of gravitation.

Children will work scientifically by investigating the difference between mass and weight and use the relevant measuring devices, such as Newton metres and scales, for this purpose.




This term we continue with the History topic of World War Two. Children will learn when and why World War II began and find out about the key individuals and countries involved. In addition to this, they will discover all about evacuation, the Blitz and learn what it was like to live with food rationing in Britain at the time; develop their understanding of the Holocaust and the role of Germany in the war.



Children are developing an interactive game using Scratch software on iPads.  They are creating a design, using story boards to represent their own simple computer game.  They design characters and backgrounds, and create a working prototype using their knowledge of algorithms and coding.


Swimming continues to be the focus for PE this term. Children are developing their confidence in various skills, such as floating, freestyle, backstrokes and appropriate breathing techniques.



Art this term links with our History topic of World War Two, with focus on the Blitz in London. They will design and produce paintings featuring a Blitz skyline with silhouettes being a key feature.  Children will investigate the colours and techniques needed for replicating a Blitz skyline.



The religion that children are learning about this term is Sikhism. They will develop their understanding of the life and teaching of the different Guru’s.  Through class discussions, children will explore what it means to be a member of this faith.

Next Term

In the Spring term, children in year 5 will be learning about Crime and Punishment in Topic lessons.  The Science focus will be on properties and changes of materials. The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd – about a child going missing from within a capsule of the London Eye - will be our English text and the children will use this as inspiration to write a suspense and mystery narrative. In Maths children will learn about number and place value, multiplication and division, measurements (length, mass/weight), 2D and 3D shapes and money. The focus in Computing will be We are Artists in which children will create geometric art, taking inspiration from the work of Escher, Riley and traditional Islamic artists. They will learn about Christianity in RE and PE will resume at school.



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