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Conway Primary School

Year 1

Autumn Term



In English, we read Traction Man by Mini Grey. We created a text map to retell the story and wrote our own version of Traction Man by changing the characters and the setting. We included a range of connectives in our writing and used adventurous adjectives to describe Traction Man’s pieces of clothing in the story.


Throughout the autumn term we have been focusing on numbers, place value and fractions. We are now able to recognise and identify a half and a quarter of a shape. We were able to discuss and find several different ways of how we could fold our shapes into two or four equal parts. We have been learning to use a number line and a hundred square to add 2-digit numbers. Furthermore, we have been focusing on partitioning a number. We are now able to explain what happens to the tens and the ones columns when we add a ten to any given number. We also focused on time and have been able to identify, recognise and record time to half past and quarter past.  We explained where the minute and hour hand must be placed on an analogue clock.


During this term we have been looking at seasons. In particular we have been looking at autumn and winter. We have been able to discuss the changes between the seasons, in particular, the changes between winter and spring. We have been able to explain and discuss what happens to the weather, animals, trees, plants and the length of the day during autumn and winter.


The focus of our Topic sessions this term has been about celebrations. We are exploring different celebrations which our throughout the year in different religions and cultures. We have recently looked at the celebration of Guy Fawkes. We have also written about our birthdays and why we celebrate them. The children have been able to write about how they celebrate this event and what they have at these celebrations.  


In RE, we learnt about Christianity. We explored where Christians worship, what the Bible is and why it is so special for Christians. We named and explained the meaning of a variety of different Christian symbols. We also developed an understanding that when babies are born different families celebrate this in many different ways.


For Computing we used the Pic Collage App on the iPads to create posters on our favourite traditional tales. We learnt how to search on the internet for an image, insert the image and add different types of text to our posters. We explored different types of grid layouts that we could use to create our poster and make them very appealing.


During PE this term we have been focusing on hand and eye co-ordination, balance and team work. The children have been encouraged to use their gross and fine motor skills through a range of different movements and activities.

Next half term

Next half term we will be reading Jolly postman by Allan Ahlberg and will be writing our own version of the story. For Maths, we will be developing our understanding of time, money, addition, multiplication, shapes and statistics.


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