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Conway Primary School


Autumn Term


This term we are reading…

Prime Area

This term we are reading the books ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and ‘Little Chick’.  We will be using the words from the story and the illustrations to predict how the stories will end.  We will also begin to understand the structure of a story.  Did you know that stories have a beginning, middle and an end?  We will continue to practise writing, especially our names.  We are getting really good, come inside and have a look!  We will also continue our learning about phonics, we know lots of sounds now!


In Maths we are learning that we can combine groups of objects and it makes more (this is called adding)!  We will be adding all sorts of different objects together and finding out how many there are altogether.  We will also learn that if we have a small group of objects we can split these a variety of ways and guess what…they will always be the same amount!  We will also be reminding ourselves of the names of 2D shapes and we will be learning the names of 3D shapes!


If you would like to have a look at the national curriculum website please click here